Chritoline Germany

Our very own “Chritoline Germany®”-branded products offer you optimal value for your money and are compatible with commercial vehicles from all common European car manufacturers.








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Our product range offers a very wide range of shock absorbers. We always have plenty of merchandise in stock at our warehouse.

We also carry individually customised items under our own brand, which we put into production as needed or requested by our customers. We are able to offer everything from repair kits for the kingpin to fuel filters.

Should you require custom-made Chritoline-branded products, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Thanks to our close cooperation with partners and well-established supply chains, we can guarantee rapid availability and delivery of the products.

The parts are stamped with the Chritoline logo® and are carefully packaged according to the customer’s wishes. The cartons are labelled with product descriptions and reference numbers.

Our long-time goal is to continuously improve our position in a constantly growing competitive environment and to establish Chritoline as an internationally recognised brand. We are also looking into expanding our Chritoline product range in order to become more attractive to a wider range of customers.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products, so that you can steadily increase your market share using Chritoline® quality!

In order to be able to guarantee consistently high production quality, Chritoline®-products undergo a strict quality inspection:

  • We work exclusively with manufacturers who are ISO/TÜV standardized or tested.
  • Our qualified personnel monitor and supervise cooperation with production – from the placing of the order up to the receipt of goods or completion of the production of the items.
  • Arriving goods are checked by comparing them to original parts and/or blueprints before the items leave our warehouse.
  • Every outgoing part is carefully checked to make absolutely sure that you receive flawless merchandise.