We specialise in global imports and exports of spare parts for commercial vehicles from all European vehicle manufacturers. We offer you an extensive, market-oriented range for cars, lorries, buses and trailers/semitrailers.

We offer original equipment (OEM) as well as aftermarket brands in the in contractually agreed markets and regularly act as a supplier to the automotive industry.

Our customers are mainly car service centres, car-part wholesalers, import and export companies and vehicle manufacturers.

Quality is our top priority. Therefore, ISO certification of our suppliers is the minimum requirement for us.


JIC Witte GmbH also specialises in the mining and construction sector and offers, among other things, the following high quality products and compatible accessories:

  • Construction machinery and axles
  • Welding generators
  • Concrete milling machines / screed milling machines
  • Compressors
  • Chain slings, lifting belts, round slings, shackles and lashing chains of various designs
  • Formwork technology
  • Coating and sealing materials

Machinery Equipment

Our core competencies also include supplying our customers with high-quality industrial products. We can supply you with spare parts and other items in the following categories:

  • Gas and oil
  • Control elements and switchgears
  • Fluid technology
  • Drilling and special machines
  • Steel elements
  • Shipbuilding equipment
  • Automation systems for ports and terminals
  • Hydraulic technology
  • Drive and process technology
  • High-pressure cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners

Medical Equipment

Antiviral air purification systems devices reduce the viral load in an 80-sqm room by 90% in 30 minutes and by more than 50% after only 10 minutes. Protect students, employees and customers from indirect infection bycontaminated aerosols in the air! Continuous operation is possible and levels of fine dust, allergens,bacteria and viruses can be significantly reduced.

  • Filter efficiency of over 99% thanks to HEPA H14 filter
  • Best possible air circulation without draught effects due to power diffuser technology
  • Mobile and user-friendly with a weight of only 85 kilos
  • High air circulation
  • Protection against indirect infections
  • 55 dB(A) – sound pressure level at 1m distance at nominal air flow rate
  • Individual power adjustment

Surgical masks

Our masks have been tested by an independent testing institute according to the DIN EN 14683 standard for medical face masks. These three-layer medical face masks have ear loops as well as nose clips and ensure a high level of protection. They are characterised by being particularly comfortable to wear and allowing easy breathing. The respirators are latex-free and biologically safe.

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency of over 98 %
  • Protection against the transmission of infectious germs
  • Latex-free and ultrasonically welded
  • Highly efficient filter layer made of polypropylene
  • Approved according to EN 14683 Type II